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If you randomly select some movers to relocate your belongings, there will be no guarantee literally that your precious belongings will not be broken, dropped, dented or dumped during relocation. No matter how professional a relocation company sounds, issue free and safe transfer is entirely dependent on different types of inter-aligned factors and a few of them is out of the relocation company’s control. You are unable to blame things like uncertain events on the roads, bad road conditions, accident or traffic jam on a moving company. So, to avoid all these uncertainties as well as to stay protected, you must ask for the insurance facility offered by the packers and movers companies before hiring, no matter how well known the companies are. In case you find that the company you are planning to hire has limited insurance facility or no facility at all, then it is always better to move on to other packers and movers in Kolkata.

Always keep in mind that protection is care and care is known as safeguard. Therefore, you must be well informed about the importance of relocation insurance before you plan to move.

Here are a few things that you can check in this regard:

1. Never count on any claims. Properly follow the insurance guide. In case you have any doubt, then ask for an answer.
2. Compare different relocation service providers on the basis of insurance facilities 3. Find out the extent of the liability coverage that you are supposed to get
4. Determine all the terms, conditions and clauses
5. Also learn about the limitations of the liability coverage. The majority of the packers and movers companies in Kolkata and in India offer the insurance facilities that protect a part of one’s total value asset. In this cases, people need additional insurance coverage to protect their belongings completely. There are actually a number of relocation insurances available like as lump sum value, declared value, full value protection etc. So, the type of insurance coverage offered by the moving company is completely dependent on the policy of the company, its facilities and size. Therefore, you must choose the right insurance plan always while giving some necessary considerations like:

1. Calculate the number of total items that you are planning to move
2. Calculate the total weight of the items
3. Learn about the total replacement values of those items
4. Click a picture of all the valuables so that if you need to claim, then you will have the proof of value with you
5. Learn about the settlement policy of the relocation service provider in detail. Also learn about the duration within which you will be able to claim in case you need insurance.

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