Pack Your Kitchen Before Moving?

While you start packing for your move by yourself instead of taking the help of the best packers and movers in Kolkata, then you must find packing the kitchen a really daunting job. One of the major reasons of this is there are so many pieces and bits are there in the kitchen along with many other objects, which are perishable, fragile or sharp.

But from where should you start?
Letís have the details then:
1. Start packing in advance: You will definitely regret in case you end up packing in a rush. Generally, kitchens are full of various types of individual items, which will chaos in case you are not careful enough while packing. This is why, planning and organization are the main keys to pack things properly.

2. Deal with one area at a time: To minimize the mess and disruption, always be disciplined about finishing packing all the things of a drawer or cupboard before moving on. Otherwise at the end of the day, you will find that all the items that are difficult to pack are lying around.

3. Get numerous packing boxes and packing materials: To pack things properly, you will surely need packing boxes of different strengths and sizes. Besides, some of the boxes also come with dividers for packing bottles. Apart from that, you will need bubble or paper wraps, pens and tapes for labeling the boxes so that you can find things later quite easily. While labeling, try to be particular always.

4. Start with the areas that include rarely used items: There are numerous things in the kitchen area, which you will be able to manage without. These include: pasta, bread or ice cream makers, mixers, cake tins or so on. Besides, there are also large serving platters, tableware and the best glasses meant for special occasions. In case you use cookbooks, then pack all of those together to avoid any damage. But in case you find that the packing boxes are becoming heavy with the boxes, then you must not try to overload these boxes.

5. Sort things out as you go: While you will pack things, you will surely find numerous things that should be sent to the local charity shop. Actually, relocating offers people a wonderful scope to discard things that are no more important for them, but still are there in the back of cupboards or drawers.

6. Prepare the large appliances to move: You donít only have to pack your kitchen items, but at the same time, you will have to pack the heavy appliances to move. Before moving the freezer, defrost it properly. Use the frozen foods as much as possible. Also disconnect the cookers by seeking the help of professionals.

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