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How to choose goods storage service?

When you planning to shift one city to another city and you donít have destination address yet then one vital thing is the storage of your goods. You have to choose professional packers and movers company that offer storage service. People use storage services to store household goods when their homes are being renovated. Storage service is also available for Office, small business and suppliers. Many packers and movers offer warehouse services at very cheap price. As the result packers and movers cheat their customers and damage goods. There is no option for water damage control and not having pest control.

Price Control
Go thorough survey to warehouse before hiring packers and movers for storage. Compare the price of storage companies and note down in a paper. If your requirement for short time then ask to packers and movers company to submit the quotation day basis. If you like to place your household for long time then you have to go for monthly basis. It is important to check the pricing before placing your goods. Ask for a discount. Some packers and movers asking for advance for 6 month. You can try to negotiate it one month or two month. Pay the amount by cheque or ware transfer. When you pay the amount always ask for money receipt.

Security Of Goods
After survey makes sure that the warehouse is safe and secure. Many valuable items might be in the storage. Ensure that the storage has CCTV system to protect theft and security guard is there. There is many warehouse they donít have any wall. There is only a shade on top of the warehouse. You should not go for open warehouse.

Insurance service for storage
Check packers and movers document like trade license, GST, Agreement deed. This is very important to make insurance to your household goods. You can make insurance for Fire and Theft. The insurance company offers the insurance for one year coverage. This is also a responsibility of a packers and movers to protect the goods by their own.

Check Review for storage
Ensure that the packers and movers company professional and reliable. You must check customer review and testimonials. You can imagine a picture by viewing the testimonials about the companyís services, punctuality, storage facilities, and clientsí experience with the stuff. If a packers and movers company has good review that means the company provides good service. This review will help you to select a perfect packers and movers for storage.

Hire Experience loading unloading stuff
This is very important when your goods come to warehouse for unloading, the stuff for unloading should be very professional and experienced. Ensure that the loader place your goods carefully. If you have glass item or electronics item, this should be placed at the top of the goods.

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