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How Packers & Movers shift crockery in Kolkata?

Strong emotions are often attached to certain ordinary things from our day- to- day life. Crockery or even mugs and glasses for that matter kindles memories of good old days spent with families and friends. However, it is a lot of stress shifting these fragile pieces while relocating to a new address. It is always prudent to spare yourself of the unnecessary stress and go for services of the best packers & movers. These professionals are adept at the art of packing and shifting your valuable fragile possessions. To bring solace to your anxious mind, we have covered here the practices of best packers & movers in Kolkata.

It may sound too obvious however they ensure a clutter free workspace to avoid any breakage at the time of packing.

Sorting, grouping of dishes and other kitchenware basis their make like glassware, bone china, ceramics, melamine, stoneware etc.

Right packing material makes a whole lot of difference and save you of all the heartaches you may experience on a broken dish. So they bring along all these materials and keep it by their side; tape dispenser, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, Bubble wraps(big and small size), Foam peanut, newspaper, inner packing boxes, double walled dish packing boxes.

Once you give a go ahead they go down on their knees for the big packing mission but make it look way too modest for us.

A suitable size of double -walled dish packing cardboard box is sealed at the bottom center with wide pressure sensitive tape from inside and outside high up to the box sides. This is to ensure that the box will hold the weight of dishes during the transit.
A layer of cushioning of foam or crumpled newspapers is prepared at bottom of box. At times, they also use sheets of bubble wraps for extra cushioning to make is jerk secure.
Each dish is examined for its depth and filled in with crumpled paper and bubble wrapped individually. Sealed with adhesive tape to avoid unwinding. Heavier dishes go below and the smaller ones on top of it. Big size plates are kept sideways to avoid cracks. Required packing stuffed between each dish and plates to fill all gaps and thereby dodge any side rattles.
The box is properly sealed with pressure sensitive tapes and labeled with list of items and a legible sticker with instructions of Fragile, Handle with Care and this side up with an arrow pointing the right side.
Additional precaution is taken while stacking these on transport vehicle. They ensure no other boxes are on top of it and these boxes are covered with additional cushioning materials like foam or blankets.

While these local packers & movers are highly sensitized about your needs, you must too show similar patience and supreme care while unpacking these delicate pieces. And You would not have to rue that a simple unpacking rush led to its damage.

We hope these crockery packing & moving details surely left you much assured and comforted now. “When our Souls are Happy, we talk about Food”; and food served in our favorite crockery is even a greater visual delight. Bon appetit at your new abode!

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