Guide To Pack Your Bathroom Items Before Moving

Though it is the smallest room in your home, but the bathroom is really difficult to pack than you can actually think. The bathroom cabinets are the home of a number of goods like extra bottles of shampoo, medicines, toothpaste and other important items. So, before you plan a move and hire the packers and movers in Kolkata, decide the bathroom items that you want to take with you, the ones you want to throw out and how to pack the items that you are planning to take with you.

ē Sort things:
The best option is to sort things through the medicine chest, vanity and drawers for any kinds of tubes, jars or bottles of medicine. You will definitely find an old slash of medicine or pills, which have been forgotten. Therefore, it is necessary to check in case the items should be discarded. Some common rules for settling on whether or not to discard the medicines are:
1. The medicines have past the expiration date
2. The treatment was not complete or discontinued
3. The label of medicine is faded, worn or completely removed
After deciding the medicines that you want to keep with you, find out those, which are critical. You must hand-carry the critical medicines personally. Besides, find out the ones, which are heat sensitive. All the nonessential medicines must be packed in separate boxes while labeling them clearly.

While sorting through the toiletries, always be particular with the things that you are planning to take with you. The majority of the medicines can be replaced quite easily and therefore, there is no requirement of putting an extra expense or effort to move the medicines to new place. For all the medicines and other things that you have decided to move with you, ensure the lids of those items are tightened properly so that the tubes or bottles donít leak. If you find anything that is cracked, then dispose immediately.

ē Dispose things:
In case you want to dispose of any medicines, never empty those into the drain or flush it down to the toilet. Rather you must dispose of the medicines properly by taking those to the local pharmacy or local household hazardous waste facility. You can do this at the same time of disposing the paint thinners and household cleaners of your home.

Packing items:
Always use small boxes to pack the bathroom items. You should pack toiletry items separately from the medicines and should store these in sealable plastic bags, which donít leak. Bottles or glass jars must be well cushioned and packed properly by using packing bubbles or popcorns. Besides, you can use mats and towels to line the inside area of the box.

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