A Guide To Pack And Ship Your Art And Sculpture Items While Moving

Packing and shipping sculptures and artworks is a tough job that needs time and effort for every single piece to prevent unwanted disfigurement or damages. Both of these things have own methods of protecting their integrity in a proper method. This blog offers a guide on the ways to pack and ship the art and sculpture items safely as well as to store the things with confidence. The best option in this process is to hire a professional packers movers in Kolkata company to do the job. But in case you want to do the packing the job by yourself, then here are the steps that you need to follow:

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1. Before you start packing the art item, you must give it a protective layer of clear pack wrapping to prevent contacting with any other external materials. To do this, wrap the canvas delicately, starting from the back so that the texture of the piece doesnít get diminished. After applying a protective layer of clear packing wrap, apply one secondary layer of bubble wrap. Wrap the item tightly to add a cushioning layer for transit. The same rule applies while it comes to packing sculptures. Use the clear packing wrap to pack the surface and therefore the entire sculpture along with the excluding parts must be wrapped with the bubble wrap carefully to avoid breakage.

2. Once the items are wrapped both in clear and bubble wrap, the next thing is to pack those carefully before sending to the new destination. In case you canít find any boxes, which fit your artwork, then measure the piece carefully and prepare a box, which fits to it perfectly. The bubble wrap must be against the box edges and the piece must not be able to move around. In case of sculpture, if it is small, then place it in a box, which is close enough to the sculpture without putting any pressure on the delicate areas. Then you can choose to fill the remaining area in the box with packing peanuts to ensure that no wriggle room exists in the sculpture to risk damage.

3. Climate is another major factor that you need to consider while it comes to shipping art items or sculptures. In most of the cases, delicate artworks and sculptures need cool dry climates to get rid of any disfigurations or weathering. So, donít forget to store the artworks and sculptures off the ground.

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