Do this thing when unpacking

Congratulationsí and celebrations! So, ultimately you have shifted to your new place. It sounds good! More than half of your battle is over, and itís on for your second round battle. As the movers have unloaded your goods itís time to unpack those goods and place it in their appropriate place. Organize all your stuffs in a well-mannered so that it becomes easy for use afterwards. Itís better to sort out all the belongings room wise during unpacking. Organizing and unpacking the stuff is indeed a tedious job but there lies some tips to simplify the process. So good luck!

The entryway of your house is the first and the last impression of the people visiting your house for the first time. So, this place must be very clean and tidy and a little bit differently arranged than any other rooms. The one and only area where you as well as the people visiting your house spend most of their time is the place just after your entryway.

1. Place lots of designing hooks for placing umbrellas, keys, dog leases, helmets, hats etc.
2. Shoes must be kept off the entry and racks must be placed for making it tidy.
3. Wooden or fiber box for letters may be placed outside.
4. Add a jute floor mat or a drying mat in front of the entryway.
Unpack childís bedroom first 5. After any move you have to decide from which rooms you have to start unpacking first.
6. If you have small child or a baby, I recommend you to organize those stuffs properly and prepare the child his/her room.
7. Shifting with small child is very tough so, itís better to organize the childís room with all the essential goods and create a safe place to provide a sense of comfort. Unpacking bedroom and washroom stuffs.
8. Restructure thee furniture after removing the dust and wiping it properly.
9. Put clean bed sheets and pillow covers.
10. Hang the curtains according to the color of your rooms.
11. Place the blankets or quilts in their proper place.
12. Try to make up the drawers and put the baby clothes inside it with clean hands.
13. Wash all the towels and baby clothes properly.
14. Fold all the towels and put inside the closet.
15. Put the essential toiletry set in the washroom.
16. Place toilet papers in washroom, if excess are present then keep it in the closet.
17. Fold your dresses and keep it in the closet such that the male and female clothes are kept separately and in proper order. Unpacking kitchen goods
18. Kitchen goods needs to be unpacked in a very sincere manner as it is related to your health directly.
19. Unpack the most useful as well as essential items such as kitchen mats, towels, oven mitts and place them in their respective places.
20. All the cleaning supplies such as sponges, dish wash soap, liquid dishwasher, and steel wool near the sink.
21. Place the insects spray or any poisonous spray or powder in higher selves out of reach to children.
22. All the daily useful kitchenware such as coffee mugs, cups, pans, bowls are to be placed on lower shelves.
23. Dinner wares that are often used must be placed in higher selves in easily accessible drawers.
24. Kitchen must be kept very neat and tidy. It must be cleaned on regular intervals.

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