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Organizing a packing for relocation or moving may be the least of things students care for. However, paying a little attention can ensure a peaceful relocation experience. It's that time when your results are out and admission letters from the respective colleges or degree schools are in hand and you are all set to sail to a place, you have little or no idea at all. Hence, it calls for planning things that are in your control. Here are some guiding points that can make one of your milestone journeys absolutely hassle-free.

1. Plan Ahead: Planning is key when it comes to moving out to a new nest. Do a little online research about the place that you are moving to. It will give you a rough idea of important parameters like weather conditions, budget, community, health services, etc. Try getting estimates from professional movers and acquaint yourself with popular landmarks of the place you are moving to. Take some time to contact the administrator of college or schools if they have a list of advice that you need to keep in mind before packing for that place. Last-minute surprise may cost you a lot. So donít be pennywise and pound foolish, cross-check on each source well in advance.

2. Say no to "Random Packing": Random packing costs you double the effort. It's best to create a mind mapping of your pieces of stuff and start sorting for Essentials, good to have, non-essentials, electronics, fragile, liquid, medicines, glass frame, etc. The best practice would be to pack the essential items separately. It may include an alarm clock, Bedsheets, sleeping bag, Earplugs, Mattress, pillows and duvets, important books, and notes. When you live with your parents in your house, it isdifficult to have a picture of what might be coming your way, living in a constrained place with a roommate to complete your studies. Therefore it is important that you pack for the new place and not the one, you are living in.

3. Paperwork: Necessary documents are the most important of all things that you don't want to mess around with. The best practice is to prepare a portfolio of necessary documents that you might need to present at various stages throughout your admission process. Make sure you don't include these items for transport service to deliver at your location. You must carry it with you with utmost care. Transport services do take all precaution to deliver the essentials still you must carry these documents yourself as you might need to present these at many places well before your packed goods arrive at your college location. It would be safe if you scan these documents and place them in the safe cloud storage of your Google account. In case you lose these documents by any chance you can always retrieve it from scanned copy.

4. Pack Entertainment: You will be social for initial few days. Soon you would realize that only handful of friends really connect well with you. On weekends, it might get boring too. You should carry your favourite books, laptop and the game console to keep you engaged over weekends.

5. Bring things that remind you of Home: Believe it or not, you will miss your home after a while. Take some time to carefully wrap those beautiful photo frames of the whole family. These things will anchor your loneliness at times and keep homesickness at bay. Being a student is bliss. You realize this much later when you have outlived this phase. Don't let a haphazard packing ruin the thrill of embarking on an exciting journey.

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