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Energy is said to be the eternal delight and it is the quantum of energy which creates real difference between a happy home and a distressed house.The science of channeling this energy productively is known as Vastushastra.The significance of Vastu in our everyday life can be gauged with the importance assigned to Brahmasthan (central zone) in a house. It is considered sacred the energy spreads to the every corner of house from here and influences the energies entering the house. While building your house you do take note of every bit of detailing and seek help from vastu experts as well. However, it becomes a challenge to find a vastu compliant house, if you need to relocate to a new place. You may not make any changes in the construct of the house yet you can definitely mitigate the effects of negative energies or vastudoshas in the house by rearranging the household right from entrance to bedrooms according to VastuShastra.

The entrance of the house is important in order to invite flow of positive energies to the house. Hence, vastu recommends it to be designed considerably bigger in size than other doors in the house and it should open inwards (clockwise) to let positivity walk-in through. The auspicious directions advised in vastu for main entrance are North, North-east, east or west. If your house somehow does not have entrance in the recommended direction still you can attract positive energies by decorating with green plants, keeping it clean and properly lit up. Avoid stacking up of any sort of junk at the main door.

Living room is another important area where members of the family happen to spend most of their time, bonding with each other and with their guests. Hence, this personal space has to have a warm, comfortable and positive aura for happiness to thrive here. North and east are the best recommended directions for living room space. Warm and soothing wall colors and relaxing lights are ideal for living room. Any wall décor depicting wars or any sort of violence should not be avoided. Dried or artificial flower or even bonsai or cactus plants decoration must be avoided in this space. If you happen to be a fish lover then place your aquarium or fish bowl in the north east section of your living room. You do wake up every day with a purpose or milestone in mind and looking forward for the maximum action in the day inching you closer to your dream. But you need to rewind and recharge yourself every night in the coziness of your bedroom. Hence, structure your bedroom to ward off all possible negative energies and establish a relaxing ambience. Align your bed such that your head faces West or south while sleeping. Let your wardrobe stand tall in the south west section of the bedroom. Place your dressing mirror such that you do not see yourself while lying in your bed. The ideal direction for dressing mirror is either north or east wall of the bedroom. Kitchen of the house is another important space where wellness is cooked for a pleasant present and fabulous future. So try structuring stove or any cooking equipment such that you face east while cooking. Also place your water utensils or water filters in North east to accentuate the healing properties of water. Keep your dining table in south west section of the dining area to enjoy home meal together with family and friend.

There is no alternative to your hard work and you are sum total of your choices. However, perfect balance and harmony of five encompassing elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air and space does influence your prosperity and well-being. You must pledge, “I will rearrange Mera Ghar according to Vastu guidelines to complement my hard-work”.

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