How to work during lockdown?

Day by day coronavirus coming in the news headlines more and more, All of us can understand that this critical situation. The lockdown by our government to stop the spread of this pandemic is a wise decision. When we will shift during of this pandemic we have maintain some tips by guided WHO.

How to disinfect while you shifting?
In this pandemic situation people are trying to move one place to another place. But in such a case, we have to keep in our mind about social distance and home sanitizing. You can ask to packers and movers submit the quotation online. This is the better option instate of physical survey at your home.
Wash your hand with sanitizer or alcohol based solution.
Keep your and stuff’s shoes outside to avoid the virus inside your residence.
Sanitize the truck before enter your society.
Check identity card of all packers movers stuff and confirm that they are not belonging red zone.
Check all stuff they having their mask and gloves.
The cloth used in cleaning the house should be washed in hot water.
The gloves which you wear in your hands while sanitizing your house should be removed carefully from your hands.
Careful about your pets, they can be infected of Corona virus. Give your pet bath daily with soap.
Clean your house with vacuum cleaners properly and immediately empty the canister off all the dirt.
Sanitize the walls and stairs in disinfectant solution.
Hope these tips and ways help you have a safer and cleaner house.

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