How Do I Know Packers and Movers Charges?

We are living in a very dynamic times, with ever evolving technologies, jobs, lifestyle and hence we are back to living nomad’s life. One cannot possibly remain tied to a particular location for too long. Shifting homes, offices, city is bound to happen either on account of business need, job change and education priorities or may even due to very personal reasons. When you are planning to shift, the very first concern is, “How Do I Know Packers and Movers charges?” And compare them alongside their services.

With the growth of online services, it has become pretty convenient to collect estimates towards moving and packing charges. You can submit your query with multiple service providers on their website or call them and get quotes on your requirement. You can even compare commercials and services of popular movers and packers online. It enables you to shortlist and finds your movers and packers with best services at reasonable rates with best of insurance on warehousing and transport etc. While you have an estimate from popular movers and packers, you must also do your calculation to understand if the quotes are inflated or rational. In order to work your calculation, you must be aware of the factors that impact the shifting cost.

1. Volume and Value of Items: The packing and moving cost mainly varies due to the quantity and type of goods you need to shifts it affects type of packing material, transport and labor charges.
2. Distance: Distance comprises a big variable component of total shifting charge. The moving charges are valued basis distance to be covered by surface and calculated on per kilometer.
3. Packing material: In-transit exertions and rattles are bound to happen. To avoid clatter or minimize it, extra care is taken in choice of packing material and this reflects in the final cost too.
4. Time of shifting: If you wish to shift at odd hours of the day or night and it also happens to be peak hours then it may factor into the total shifting charge as well.
5. Transport type: The service providers usually have options of shared transport or a dedicated vehicle. The shared transports take longer but are often economically viable while the dedicated transport would be quicker at a premium charge.
6. Labor: The office or household size and the volume of goods impact man-hours required for packing, loading and unloading services. This affects the actual labor cost component in the total shifting cost.
7. Warehousing: You may need to opt for warehouse/storage facility and this service is chargeable on a per day basis.
8. Insurance: In case of long distance transit, it is recommended to opt for insurance. You can either go for transit insurance or all-inclusive insurance and charges vary for each. The insurance charges are calculated as a percentage of the commercial value of goods.
9. Taxes: GST, toll charges and other state specific taxes are additionally applicable on goods being transported and ultimately service provider passes these as an expense to their customers.
So, no matter how often you need to shift base and embrace a new place as your home or make yourself at ease in a new office, just count on your trusted shifting partner. Reach out to them with your shifting requirement and spare yourself of all the moving and packing worries.

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