All You Need To Know About Shifting Your Closet While Moving

So, you are planning to pack your closet before shifting or thinking about how to pack all the clothing, which you have. Clothes are mainly a thing that is a must to move. But the main thing is from where to start and then how to proceed. In this blog, you will find some effective tips on which clothes to take and which not to take and also how to move those simply, effectively and easily with the help of professional packers and movers in Kolkata companies. These tips are also helpful for moving clothes to another city or within Kolkata.

1. Before you hire a movers and packers in Kolkata company, make a plan of all the packing materials that you will need to pack the closet. Getting this estimate will help you to get sufficient bags, boxes and tapes. Besides, this way, you will not have to run to the store in the last moment.

2. Get some wardrobe boxes. Ask your packer and he/she will be arranging it for you. This way, you will be able to move the clothes with hangers. Besides, these bags are also really easy to pack and unpack.

3. Only pack those clothes, which are clean and dry. Do not forget to collect all your clothes from your drycleaners before you call your mover. Sign each box with the name of the contents and the name of the owner. But do not make the boxes too heavy to carry. Always ensure that you have enough boxes to pack your clothes properly.

4. Always use your own packing supplies and at the same time, plan well about using the suitcases in the best possible way. You can also use travel bags to fill in the clothes. Remember to keep aside the clothes that you will need at the day of moving.

So, if you are in search of the best packers and movers service to shift to your new place, then you can also choose to hire the professional packers and movers Kolkata. 10/4, Santi Pally road Kolkata, West Bengal 700060.

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