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About Mera Ghar Packers And Movers

Have you ever realized that someday you may have to shift your home within or at somewhere outer fringes of the city, within a fortnight? Even, you may get a relocation letter with a span less than 24 hours? Undoubtedly such scenario may compel an individual to become panic stricken and rely on just any packers and movers agency without any background verification. Now, again you may have to keep on telling them about the goods to be shifted and most importantly you will never be able to track your shipment process. That’s when; you actually need an agency which is not just another packer and mover, rather an agency which will monitor the entire process effectively from the very beginning and most importantly let you track the each and every movement via automated tracking system. Mera Ghar is a 360 degree packers and movers agency which knows how to incorporate automation with manual efforts to ensure 100% smooth execution of the overall shipment process.

What sets us apart from just any other Packers and Movers?

● We don’t ever execute any assignment hastily; rather we always assign our workforce methodically via our inbuilt workforce management system. That’s how, our resources never feel overloaded and hence every assignment gets smoothly executed.

● We understand the value of time, that’s why our service is always round the clock. We know that today stands for today itself, and we never let anyone disheartened. Each and every assignment of everyday gets completed duly.

● Our services are not restricted to shifting of home or office but also provide the shifting of car to local residence and outstation destination.

● Our advanced warehouse management system provides effective allocation of an ideal warehouse in accordance with the need of a vendor.

● For shifting of heavy industrial goods from one factory to another, we have a special workforce unit trained for shifting of commercial equipments safely without any hassle.

● Our process is so synchronized that we never mess up one assignment with another, we only ensure that each and every shipment is getting executed as per the scheduled time.

We have successfully established our agency as the most sought after Packer and Mover in Kolkata, we haven’t ever failed to execute any assignment. Whenever you will be in need of relocation or shifting of your home or office, just remember you can always count on us.

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